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Q. Do you have to Pre-book or can you just turn up?

A. We do advise pre-booking to avoid missing your desired time slot (as there are limited spaces on the trampolines) however you can just turn up if you wish.

Q. How early should I turn up prior to my session taking place?

A. We advise customers to turn up 20 minutes early to ensure you start your session on time.

Q. What’s the Minimum and Maximum age?

A. The Minimum age is 2 Years old, there is no maximum age limit.

Q. How long do the Sessions last?

A. All sessions with the exception of the Fitness Classes, Beat Night and After school session last for one hour in total.

Q. Is there any consent required before using the Trampolines?

A. All participants MUST have consent signed off by an Adult (Over 18) prior to using the trampoline equipment.

Q. How long does the consent last for?

A. Paper Consent Forms last for 24 hours only. Online Consent Forms last for 1 year.

Q. Where can I find the online consent forms?

A. On the Home page of our website you will see two big red buttons in the top right hand corner. Multi-Waiver is for pre-booked sessions and with the Single Waiver you can sign off yourself plus up to 29 children.

Q. Can we just leave the kids?

A. Anybody under the age of 11 must have an Adult on site at all times.

Q. Can Under 5s use the trampolines without parental supervision?

A. All Under 5’s MUST be accompanied on the equipment by a PAYING adult at all times, the last bounce for Under 5s is 5pm.

Q. Do Spectators have to pay?

A. We do not require spectators to pay however spectators are not allowed on the carpeted area with shoes or bare feet.

Q. Is there a weight limit?

A. Yes the maximum weight allowed on the trampolines is 17.5 stone.