Fitness Classes taking off at Ascent!

At the beginning of May, we launched our Ascent Fitness classes. We felt this was a good opportunity to offer something different to the usual classes you can find that will help you get fit, build muscle and lose weight.

After careful research we learned that you can burn 407 calories per hour jumping on a trampoline!
We recruited an experienced personal trainer in Sean Holman who has been the catalyst of our launch! Sean’s sheer enthusiasm, professionalism and just the fact we (and the customers) love him means we have utilised him in every midweek class since and it has showed great results with the turnouts of the classes. We have also recently took on Danny from invincible fitness to take our Saturday morning classes for the customers who struggle to make a midweek night.

Each week 100-150 customers are now taking advantage of our classes that run on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday morning. We have been offering each customer a ‘Refer a Friend deal’ as well as ‘£5 for £25’ and also recently offered Slimming World attendees a Free session!

We encourage all the attendees to give us feedback on the classes in a bid to not only improve the efficiency of the class, but also the happiness of each attendee.
The general consensus is that the classes are indeed a fantastic work out, but the best thing is the attendees are also having great fun taking part in them!
So here’s to a fantastic launch! And to a future of getting fit and having fun together.